reasons not to move to japan

Hello guys in this article lets take a look at some of the reasons not to move to Japan.

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reasons not to move to japan

  1. expensive

One of the main reasons not to move to japan is that it is very expensive place to live, the cost of living in japan is high, it is actually a densely populated country and the cost of living is high and it is considered one of the most expensive places to live in the world, tokyo which is the capital city of japan is also considered one of the top 10 most expensive places to live in the world, public transportation, rents in apartment, housing and real estate, groceries and food and public utilities, health care and education, these are things which are quite expensive to get in japan.

  1. Language barrier

Another main disadvantage of moving to japan is the language barrier and it can be a big headache because japanese is not an easy language to learn as a matter of fact it is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world and japanese is the national language of the japan, even though 30 percent of the people speak english but still japanese is very popular language, if you don’t speak japanese language, you will have hard time making friends, talking to local people and getting jobs, etc

  1. different culture

Another disadvantage of living in japan is that the culture and tradition of the country is very different from the rest of the world, of course each country has different culture and tradition and so is in japan, especially the work culture in japan is very toxic and it is one of the mian reasons for suicide rate in japan, and even the normal tradition is different, and the culture of japan is very different and if you are an american or western and thinking about moving to japan then you will have a cultural shock and alot of home sickness feeling.

At the same time you won’t get many holidays for relax as a working professional in Japan which will increase your work stress and pressure.

  1. Problems of a foreigner

Since less than 2 percentage of people living in japan are foreign nationals so having the feeling of outsider and being treated like outsider in japan is quite common in japan because there are not many foreigners living in japan and because of this you can have lots of problems like you may not get invited in certain events and ceremonies just because you are not japanese and you are an outsider even if you live in japan for a couple of years, but it does not mean that Japanese people are quiet rude against foreign people but the reality is Japanese people are very respectful and welcoming to foreign people but it just that you will remain as a outsider and foreigner if you stay in Japan permanently because of that it can cause a lot of Homesickness and isolation feeling in Japan and you will never be considered as a local in Japan.

  1. natural disasters

Another big disadvantage of moving to Japan is that there is a always a risk of natural disasters like earthquakes because Japan is situated in ring of fire and the statistics show that there are at least 1500 earthquakes every year and tsunamis at the same time it is also very risky to live in Japan because of volcanoes.

And there is always a risk of dying in Japan because of the natural disasters.

  1. High suicide rate

Another disadvantage of living in japan is the high suicide rate it has, the suicide rate of japan is greater than other countries like UK, germany and usa and it is because of isolation, bullying, financial anxiety, work load and work pressure, and lack of good mental healthcare facility, and because of this the suicide rate of japan is around 25 for 100000 which is very high.

  1. aging population

Another disadvantage of living in Japan is that most of the people living in Japan are very old and the average age of the Japanese people is around 48 years old and there is only 20% of the population under the age of 20 in Japan and the life expectancy is 84 years in Japan so the thing is most of the people living in Japan are more than 40 years old and there is not a lot of young population in Japan so this can be another disadvantage if you are a young person moving to Japan.

  1. Crazy rulesĀ 

Another disadvantage of moving to Japan is that there are several crazy rules in Japan like there are body image issues in Japanese people especially the young people there are certain measurements and figures for body image especially for girls that you are waste lunch should not be more than certain percentage and measurement and many more, at the same time you are also not allowed to speak loud in the public areas especially in the trains and you are not supposed to have loud conversations with people and you cannot leave a tip in restaurants unless you want to offend the staff and always remove your shoes when you enter someone’s house and there are many such rules in Japan which not many of people openly speak about but they are present in Japan which you will have to learn over the period of time otherwise it can become hard for you to stay in Japan.

These are some of the reasons not to move to japan, there are a bunch of advantages of living in japan which you can check it out here, but these are some disadvantages of living in here, do let me know what are your thoughts about moving to japan in the comments below and also share the article with your friends,


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