is washington a good place to live

In this article let’s take a look at reasons why Washington is a good place to live.

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is washington a good place to live

Washington is definitely a very good place to live in because it is state where there is no state personal income tax or any corporate tax so there are lots of companies moving in Washington and the economy is also growing so are the job opportunities in the state if the same time there are lots of amazing things you can do in Washington State like visiting the national parks and the state is also very beautiful place in general and has a very good weather, lots of colleges and universities.

So let’s take a look at seven reasons to move to Washington State.

  1. good economy

One of the mean advantages of moving to Washington is that the economy of the state is very good or I would say growing very fast.

The main reason for the growing economy is because there is no state corporate tax and because of that lots of companies are moving to Washington state and having offices established there which is creating job opportunities in the state and in turn growing the economy.

There are so many top a companies like Amazon going Alaska airlines Costco Microsoft Starbucks and many more are moving to Washington state and having their offices there so this is helping by increasing the economy and GDP and also increasing the number of job opportunities in the state so you can have lots of job opportunities and not a lot of competition in Washington State.

And if we look at the real data in 20-21 the GDP of Washington increased by 6% compared to the previous year and even the unemployment rate is around 4% which is low.

  1. beautiful place & things to do

Another important advantage of moving to Washington is that it is a very beautiful state because there are more than three different national parks present in the state and there are also lots of state parks present and apart from the parks you can also do activities like boating since there are many lakes present and there are also several gardens and campgrounds and ski resorts, there are also lots of biking and hiking tills as well so it is available place to live in and there are lots of amazing things you can do in the state which I mentioned earlier.

  1. no personal income tax

Another advantage of moving to Washington state is that there is no personal income tax in the state and it is one of the top 9 states in America which do not have income tax so this is a big advantage and you can save a lot of money from whatever the money one by yourself and you only understand the benefit of not having any personal income tax when you experience the personal income tax in other states like California where the income tax is very high so by living in Washington Texas Florida and other states where there is no personal income tax you can save lot of money but of course there is higher sales tax which is disadvantage.

  1. good weather

Even the weather of the state is very mild and cold, even though there will be some frequent cloud cover and rain but it has a very warm summers and cool winters in general and during the summer season that temperature won’t try above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and during the winter season the temperature won’t fall below 45 degrees Fahrenheit so it is everything good temperature everyday and the weather is also very good and even the perspiration of Washington state range between 7200 inches in coastal region and around 150 inches in the mountain region so you can experience all the types of seasons in the state whether it is winter summer or rainfall and spring and there are a couple of mountains where there will be a lot of snowfall for skiing so overall the weather is also very good in Washington State.

  1. Sports 

If you are a sports lover then you will love living in Washington because there are so many professional sports team in Washington and they are so many dedicated fans so Washington state in general is loaded with lots of sports fans and popular sports teams are Seattle mariners Seattle sea hawks and more, so whether you like baseball or you like Rugby or you like soccer you will find a sports team in that particular sport in Washington State.

  1. Education

Another advantage of moving to Washington is that it is considered to be one of the best States for education by online websites like us news because the state has some of the best public education and there are so many amazing schools and universities in Washington state and even the graduation rate of the state is also very high for example there are 6 oblique colleges and universities and their more than 300 independence colleges and universities present in the state which includes is like University’s like Washington University Washington State University and many more and few a student then you should definitely try visiting Washington state because it has amazing public education which is one of the best in the country.

  1. Coffee and food 

Last but not least, even the food and the restaurants that are present in the state are also amazing and you can find some of the best coffee in America in Seattle which is the capital city of Washington.

The state is also very popular for its coastal seafood which is very fresh and also vineyards, and also some delicious foods like apple cherry Salman and crab.

These are some of the reasons to visit Washington, there are also bunch of disadvantages and reasons not to move to Washington state like the cost of living is actually higher than the national average and there are lots of natural disasters and natural calamities like volcanoes and wildfire in the state but I believe the advantages have more weight over the disadvantages and Washington state is definitely a very good place to live in by looking at this advantages.

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