9 reasons not to move to California

In this article let’s take a look at 9 reasons not to move to California.

California is one of the most popular States of America and it is popular for amazing beaches, amazing national parks and job opportunities, great food but there are several things about California you might not know and if you are considering to move California then you should know the reasons before making the decision of moving to California.

So let us get started.

9 reasons not to move to California

  1. Natural calamities

Natural calamities like earthquakes and wildfire is a big reason not to Move to California.

If you talk about the year of 2022 alone there were more than 7000 wild fires incidents recorded and climate change is a big reason for so many wildfires in California and apart from the wildfires California is also very prone to earthquakes and each year you can observe at least three or four earthquakes of 5.5 magnitude or higher scale in California and it is because the state is present on one of the most seismically active region in the world which is a reason for earthquakes.

Both frequent wildfires and frequent earthquakes are a big reason not to move to California.

  1. High taxes 

Another reason not to move to California is obviously that taxes that are present in the state.

Actually the California is 41% higher in cost of living then the national average and the average cost of living of California is $50000 per year.

California has tax brackets and the rate of tax depends upon your income and the range of income tax can vary depending upon 1% to 12%.

  1. High cost of living 

This is a subsequent result of high taxes of California that it is also very highly expensive to live in California because as a mentioned earlier that it is 41% more expensive and has higher cost of living in California when we compare it with the national average.

And as per the latest data top cities of California like San Francisco Los Angeles and San Diego are present in the 10 most expensive cities in America which means anything that you purchase in California especially in this city is generally going to be expensive and more costly like groceries gas clothes when we compared with other parts of the country.

And because of high cost of living not only people but also many large companies are also moving into different states like Texas and Florida from California because of high cost of living and if you want to start small business than you should never ever move to California because it is very expensive and have hide access for businesses so it is literally impossible to start a business in California because of high expenses.

As a matter of fact because of high taxes and high cost of living the California ranked at 48th worst States for starting a business in the country.

  1. Homelessness

Another reason not to move to California is homelessness and inability to purchase the home.

Even if we consider the latest data only 56% of the people living in California own a home which means more than half of the population of California don’t own a home in California & it simply because of the high cost of living.

The average price of a home in California is around 760000$ so it really shows that it is very expensive to purchase a home in California unless if you are not a millionaire of course.

  1. Droughts 

And because of the climate change droughts are very real thing in California.

Some of the common reasons for drought in California are rising temperature decreasing level of the groundwater and shrinking collido river so there is a high water shortage in California because of climate change and man made mistakes and 9 out of 10 days this always sunshine in California and not a lot of rain.

  1. Public transportation is bad 

Another reason not to move to California is that public transportation is also very bad.

California is very car centric place and you will need a car to move to different places of the state and public transportation is not so reliable.

And because of most of the people on a car in California you can imagine how bad the traffic can be on the road like whenever you are moving outside using your car then you will have to spend long time in the traffic because of high population and high number of cars are present on the road.

  1. Bad public schools

The education system of California is also not that great and it is in fact declining in quality every year.

Despite the fact that there are several public schools present in California but and surprisingly it ranks as one of the 10 worst States for public education so if you are planning to move your family to California and join your kids into the schools of California then you should think twice because the California education system is not that great.

Apart from that even the graduation rate of schools and colleges in California is also decreasing every year and every decade as compared to other states of the country so it is not a good idea to join in a college in California.

  1. Crime rate is growing

You might be wondering that California might be safe state to live in but let me tell you something, even though California is much more safe than other states but the crime rate has gradually increased over the period of time especially the violent crime rate of California increased by 6% in 2021.

Crime rate has been increasing in city’s like Los Angeles and San Francisco higher than other cities of California so it is not also called as more safer to live because along with the cost of living and taxes even the crime rate is also increasing.

Now you can experience more vandalism Burglary, and grand theft, in California due to budget cuts in the police department.

  1. Heat is high in summer 

Last but not least summer season can be very brutal and extreme in California and California is generally considered to be having sunny days more than 260 base of the year but especially in the summer the heat and go beyond the limit, 

As a matter of fact average high daily temperature is above 78 degrees and the hottest month of California is July month the average high temperature is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit and low is 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

So these are some of the reasons not to move to California.

Do let me know what are you thoughts about moving to California in the comments below and also share the article with your friends and make sure to read the article about benefits of moving to California in detail by clicking here.

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