7 reasons california is worth visiting

In this article let’s take a look at whether California is worth visiting or not.

If you are wondering whether California is a good place to move to or stay in then in this article I will be mentioning 7 reasons why you should be moving to California and why it is worth living in and in the next article you will learn some reasons not to move to California.

So let’s get started

7 reasons california is worth visiting

Amazing weather

One of the main reasons to visit California is because of the amazing weather.

In most of the areas the weather is really good, on the coast the average daily temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and occasionally it can be up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though California is present in the coastal region, it is still not very hot when we compare it with other states of America.

The best part about living in California is that you will get sunshine in more than 250 days of the year.

And because of amazing weather and climate condition you can explore so many amazing places in California in daytime

Great natureĀ 

Another advantage of moving to aur visiting to California is that it is home to more than 9 national parks which means there are more national parks in California loan as compared to any other state of America, there are so many things you can do in California like hiking or visiting mountains or deserts and forests and you can also do camping and many more activities

And you can also surf if you want from the amazing beaches of California.

Food is also a big highlight of California

Another big advantage of living in California is the amazing food and restaurants that are present.

Two most popular cities in the world , San Francisco and Los Angeles, are international tourist attractions for amazing restaurants and food.

According to US news both San Francisco and los Angeles continue to rank as one of the best cities for food in America and both of the cities are present in California State.

Job opportunities

Another huge reason to visit California is of course the job opportunities that you can get here are immense.

Whether you want to get a opportunity in technology or you want to get no opportunity in entertainment and film business you should be visiting California at least once because San Francisco where silicon valley is present which is the home to top tech companies in the world like apple Amazon Microsoft Google and Facebook and Hollywood his present in los Angeles so you can get amazing opportunities to grow in your life and make money by visiting California at least once.

And because of that it shows that the average annual income of California is around $84000.

People are very welcoming and kind

Another reason to visit California is that people are very welcoming and very kind in nature and California has a very relaxed vibe in general.

Even though this is a little subjective experience but in overall view, people of California are very kind and welcoming

You can do several things here

Another big reason to visit California is that you can do so many things here if you are getting bored, for example you can go for camping in the national parks in California or you can go for amazing beaches of California to do surfing or you can climb mountains and hiking, you can also watch amazing museums of California, and there are several tourist attractions in California like you can visit Hollywood sign, you can also visit big sir, you can also visit old sacramento or you can visit the death Valley National Park and of course you can visit the golden gate bridge of the San Francisco so apart from the tourist attractions you can do several things living in California.

California is also very diverse place to live

This is also a big advantage of moving to California that it has a great diversity of people.

According to the data from the census of California more than 50% of the people living in California are female and there are more than 15% of the people of California are Asian and people from different places like Africa Asia hawaii and Europe are living in California.

And there are many cities like Stockton, Los Angeles and Oakland which are ranking in the top 10 most racially diverse places to live in California.

So these are some of the reasons why you should be moving to California.

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