12 reasons Texas is worth visiting

Hello guys in this article let us take a look at some of the main reasons why you should be moving to Texas state in america.

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Reasons to move to Texas

  1. One of the main reason why you should be moving to Texas is because of the amazing beaches that are present in Texas as a matter of act there are more than 600 miles of coastal line of Texas and there are several amazing beaches in Texas so in summer season you can really enjoy in Texas
  2. Another reason to visit Texas is the history it has, for your kind information Texas is called as a loan start state in america because it not just has a single star in its flag but it also represents the struggle the state has gone through for the independent from Mexico in 1800 time period and also there was a lot of state so there is a lot of blood sheet and struggle involved with the independence of Texas as a state, and if you want to understand the real history of America and also the history of Texas then visiting Texas is a good idea
  3. Another reason to visit Texas is the amazing food it has and Texas is popular for amazing barbeque and Mexican food for example smoked Texas biscuit is one of the most popular foods of Texas and apart from that you can have things like tacos baked kolaches and many more
  4. Another most important reason to visit Texas is that has a lower cost of living then the national average and it is also very affordable place to purchase a home and real estate property at the same time there is no income tax present in Texas state so this is also big reason to move to Texas
  5. Another important reason is that the economy of the state is growing and it is one of the healthiest state in terms of the economy and the growth in the country and it is also considered to be one of the best state for starting a business, the economist growing because of many large companies are moving in Texas like Amazon Tesla and Oracle and because of this even the job market is also growing
  6. There are also several safe cities and places where you can live in Texas if safety is your number one priority in America
  7. Another important reason to move to texas is that the culture aspect and there is a huge cowboy in Texas person that Texas also has amazing entertainment and arts scene as well and there are several music festivals and concerts are getting celebrated throughout the state every year as a matter of fact there are more than 30 annual music festivals are celebrated in Texas alone so it is a great entertainment option for the locals as well as tourist visiting the Texas state
  8. Another important reason to move to texas is the amazing education opportunities that are present in Texas if you are a student then you should consider moving to Texas because there are so many amazing colleges and universities like University of Texas in Austin and Texas a and m University in college station are one of the largest University in the country which are both present in Texas and apart from that there are many universe is like rice University or university of SMU in Dallas which are one of the top ranking University in the country and there are several small liberal arts schools and private colleges in Texas
  9. It’s not just about the education opportunities but also even the Texas state is also one of the most diverse states in the country in terms of the population and ethnicity and because several large companies like Amazon and Oracle are moving to Texas to start the business so it is attracting people from different backgrounds to move to texas hence even the diversity of the state is also growing
  10. Another reason to move to Texas is because of the world class cities which are present in Texas like Austin Houston San Antonio Dallas fort worth and many more these are some of the most popular cities which are present in Texas and they have amazing tourist attractions as well and each city has something to offer for people for example Austin is popular for music especially live music and dallas is popular for shopping and Houston is popular for being a very diverse City so because of this millions of people visit Texas every year to explore the state and a lot of people also move to state to live in here.
  11. There are so many things you can do here for example there are two national parks in Texas, apart from the national parks you can also visit amazing places and Antonio Austin Houston space centre amazing beaches of the Texas the Alamo, and so many amazing museums and aquariums are present in Texas, you can also do activities like hiking camping swimming boating, there are many caves and waterfalls as well and many more in Texas
  12. Another reason to move to texas is the weather and the climate condition and the best part of living in Texas is that more than 200 days of the year there is Sunny time so this is also important part of living in Texas

These are some of the main reasons why you should be moving to Texas, do let me know what are your thoughts about moving to Texas in the comments below and also share the article with your friends and also subscribe to my blog.


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